Fraud: Don't think it can only happen to others

There will always be fraudsters looking for opportunities to swindle you out of your hard-earned assets by using your personal information against you.

It’s essential to remain vigilant, familiarise yourself with the modus operandi of these criminals, and protect yourself and your loved ones from becoming fraud statistics.

If you are a victim of fraud or unethical behaviour, report it to:

  • Call the Tip-offs anonymous toll free number Old Mutual0800 222 117 or Money Account: 0860 222 252
  • Email:
  • Visit (this anonymous service is provided by Deloitte - a multinational auditing and accounting firm)
  • Alternatively, email Old Mutual Group Forensic Services (GFS) on


African Infrastructure Investment Managers Proprietary Limited (“AIIM”) is committed to offering great value to our clients.

One way in which we add value is to protect our risk pool by identifying and managing fraud effectively. Fraud in the financial services industry is a significant area of focus to us.

While we have very stringent controls and checks in our processes, fraud may still arise. AIIM has various fraud mitigation tools in place. We do, however, require the assistance of our clients in this process. One of the tools which can be used by our clients, the broader Old Mutual, as well as the public, is our anonymous tip-off line. Using this tip-off line, you can alert us to any suspicious activity from our staff, suppliers, contractors, co-investors or clients. Tip-offs can be made telephonically, via email or via our website.

Fraud is a risk in the financial services industry. During the asset management process and other related financial services, fraud can take various forms, such as:

  • Collusive bidding by contractors and manipulation of bids
  • Bribes and kickbacks
  • Unjustified bid awards without following competitive processes
  • Fictitious vendors
  • False statements / misrepresentations and claims by contractors, suppliers or co-investors
  • False, inflated or duplicate invoices
  • B-BBEE Fronting
  • The use of ill-gotten gains/funds by investors


Report unethical behaviour directly to: Your report will be handled confidentially and will assist AIIM in protecting its customers.


For more information on GAP claims, contact our

HR911 line on 021 509 3911, email us at or visit our website


The tip-off line is independent and run by Deloitte South Africa