AIIM has a robust and embedded approach to addressing ESG requirements across its fund portfolios, and a framework for more efficient and transparent ESG reporting to its stakeholders. To achieve this AIIM implements a fit-for-purpose Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) within the overall investment process.



Esg Factors


AIIM’s ESMS is a customised set of policies, procedures, tools, and reporting guidance designed to identify, assess, manage and report on ESG risks and take advantage of opportunities for positive impact associated with the activities of portfolio companies. The ESMS drives the integration of ESG into the investment lifecycle. Below is an illustration of AIIM’s ESMS process.


The ESMS allows AIIM to

  • integrate ESG issues directly into the investment decision-making processes;
  • set clear requirements for its portfolio companies to develop and implement ESG systems to ensure they can meet AIIM’s ESG standards;
  • provide a framework for reporting and disclosure on ESG aspects to AIIM by its portfolio companies; and
  • work in partnership with its portfolio companies to help them identify and implement ESG opportunities, creating sustainable enhancement to their overall financial performance.

The effective implementation of a well-purposed, robust ESG management system enables the achievement of sustainable, risk adjusted returns and the systematic consideration of positive opportunities.