Albatros Energy Mali SA announces the start of commercial operation of its 90 MW power plant in Kayes, Mali

Facility adds up to 90 MW to the national grid, enough power to meet the electricity needs of an
equivalent of up to 780.000 households

Bamako, 31st October 2018 : The developers and investors in Albatros Energy  Mali SA (, the company that has built the first independent power project in Mali, are proud to announce the start of operation of the 90 MW Thermal Power Plant in Kayes, Mali on October 31st, 2018 at 00:00 hours.The plants construction has been completed 3 weeks ahead of schedule in less than 16 months. AEM has entered into a 20 year Power Purchase Agreement  with Energie du Mali (EDM).

Danish power plant construction company Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian  Contractor (BWSC) has constructed this highly modern plant which is also  Mali’s largest and most efficient thermal power plant. The plant is located in  the Kayes region in western Mali, which is Mali’s 6th largest city and is located near several mines.

The power plant, which is composed of six (6) medium speed, highly efficient,  15 MW Caterpillar engines, will produce a guaranteed minimum of 578 GWH of  electricity per year while respecting the latest international environmental  guidelines. The power plant will operate on a base load basis, increasing Mali’s total installed production capacity significantly along with providing constant  supply of much needed reliable and affordable electricity.

African Infrastructure Investment Managers (‘AIIM’) through its African Infrastructure Fund 3 (“AIIF3”), Redox Power Solutions Ltd (“Redox”), Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor (‘BWSC’) and Denmark’s Investment Fund for Developing Countries (‘IFU’) are the shareholders in Albatros Energy Mali SA. Together the shareholders have provided 30% of the project funding in the form of equity. The remaining 70% is financed by the West African Development Bank (‘BOAD’), the Islamic Development Bank (‘IDB’), the Islamic Corporation for the Development of the Private Sector (‘ICD’), the OPEC Fund for International Development (‘OFID’), GuarantCo and the Emerging Africa Infrastructure Fund (‘EAIF’). The latter also provided a grant that helped funding a part of the project development costs via PIDG.

Amadou Sow, Chairman of Albatros Energy Mali and Redox Power Solutions said:

“Today is a big day for Mali and an even bigger day for its private sector.  Albatros Energy Mali has proven its ability to implement a project of this magnitude. The realization of this first IPP project proves that Mali is ready and capable to forge its own destiny. Mali will receive a state-of-the art power plant improving the living conditions of thousands of people and contribute to the Malian growth”.

Koen Beckers, CEO of Albatros Energy Mali’s and Redox Power Solutions said:

“We are very proud of our fast-track development and ‘ahead of schedule’ construction. Albatros Energy Mali will be a reliable, efficient and affordable electricity producer for the Malian population and industry. We are extremely proud to contribute to the development and success of its rising economy”.

Jurie Swart, AIIM’s CEO said:

“AEM’s Thermal Power Plant is a much-needed baseload energy source in  Mali, which will benefit communities, businesses and industries across the  country and lead the way in helping to secure the country’s energy future.  We are proud to have supported AEM in reaching this significant milestone,  ahead of schedule, and look forward to continued partnership with our  stakeholders in making a beneficial contribution to Mali’s power sector and  supporting the Government in its sustainable development efforts.”

Torben Huss, Acting CEO of IFU said:

“One of the huge barriers for development in Africa is the lack of access to  energy, which is truly also the case in Mali. Albatros Energy Mali will provide  an important baseload of affordable energy to the national grid that will  reduce the gap significantly and enable people to improve their livelihood”.

Nikolaj Holmer Nissen, newly appointed CEO at BWSC said:

“At BWSC, we are very proud to be part of the successful implementation  of the first IPP project in the Republic of Mali, which will provide much  needed electricity to the Malian people and support growth and  development in the country.  We have worked closely with the local authorities and our business  partners to lead the construction and take the plant into commercial  operation ahead of schedule, to specification and within budget. We look  forward to continued corporation for the next 13 years during which BWSC  will be operating the plant, and to continue playing an important role in  the power sector in Mali for many years to come.”

Along with providing reliable energy, Albatros Energy Mali has also set up a  Corporate and Social Responsibility program focusing on Health, Water and  Education to support local community by taking on a number of social initiatives.