Uquo IGB

Uquo IGB

  • Sector: MIDSTREAM
  • Funds:


  • Location: Nigeria

Uquo Integrated Gas Business is an operational gas distribution business covering the full processing and distribution value chain through holdings in Savanah Uquo Gas Limited (SUGL) and Accugas.

Savanah Uquo Gas Limited (SUGL) owns 100% of the gas economies and operates the Uquo field in South-Eastern Nigeria, which supplies gas to Accugas.

Accugas, a gas midstream company, has a 200 mmscf/d capacity gas processing plant and a distribution pipeline network of over 250km. It has long term offtake agreements supplying power plants which generate more than 10% of Nigeria’s on-grid power supply as well as leading industrial offtakers.