Private investment has key role to play in renewable energy sector

AIIM’s co-MD, Vuyo Ntoi was interviewed by Cape Times, where he discussed the crucial role of private investment in South Africa’s renewable energy sector.

“There is evidence to suggest that if you hand projects to the private sector with the right incentives and oversight, the sector is very well placed to deliver. That is what has happened in the IPPs to date. There is a lot more capacity to fund new projects from the private sector – ourselves and other financial investors and lenders.”

In the interview, AIIM also touched upon AIIM’s investment strategy:

“AIIM takes a three-pronged approach to investing –  digital infrastructure, energy transition and physical infrastructure  – and these three areas feed into one another. The broad thrust of AIIM’s priorities in 2021 and beyond centres around the changing demographics on the continent.

People, says Ntoi, are moving into cities at an increasing pace which means certain utilities and services need to be provided to them on a sustainable basis.

Another priority is to be a key digital enabler for living in large metropolitan areas and aiding in communication. This means the provision of the infrastructure behind the applications – data centres, fibre networks, and towers for cellphones.”

To read the full interview, please visit Cape Times.